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Flathold holds are made out of polyurethane resin. Polyurethane ensures a better resistance to impacts as well as to damage due to screw tightening, an advantage that polyester cannot provide. We use a first-rate type of polyurethane and we carefully control every single hold at every stage of the production. Therefore, we are able to offer a product of top quality that has a long lifespan
both on indoor and outdoor climbing walls.

Attachment system

All Flathold hold types (except some special ones from the screw-on range) are fitted with a double attachment system. This way, it is possible to use M10 screws with both conic and cylindrical heads. This double system has been specifically designed to guarantee a stable and resistant attachment. Most Flathold holds are equipped with an extra attachment system using wooden screws. This innovation allows the attachment to be of prime solidity and prevents the hold from turning. We advise our customers to always use wooden screws in order to make sure the attachment is optimal.

Hollow back

Most of the holds from size L up are excavated. We have designed a made-tomeasure counter-shape for each of these holds in order to make them lighter. This way, it is easier to handle the larger holds while assembling and removing routes or boulders.


When holds are screwed onto a wall and regularly used, it is common for magnesia and rubber from climbing shoes to dirty them. In the long term, this can affect the grip quality of the grain. We advise our customers to clean holds before using them again and to check their condition after a long period of use.


Certain of our larger holds have a screw-in cap for the bolthole. Laurent Laporte devised this system exclusively for Cheeta holds and Flatholds to avoid the use of the bolthole for fingers thus optimising the use of the designed grip. It screws into large threads on the inside of the bolthole and can easily be tightened by hand or with a coin. Additional caps in packs of 15 are available in all the colours in our catalogue.


Flathold volumes are made of a mix of polyester resin and fiberglass that is then covered with quartz sand to get a fine texture with good friction. This process allows for very thin, light and strong shapes. The volumes are attached with standard wood screws, but we recommend using flatheads to preserve the flange. The volumes are available in four different colors.


Holds colors


Jet black
RAL 9005
Bright Yellow
Pantone 116c
Traffic Red
RAL 3020
Sky Blue
RAL 5015
Signal Violet
RAL 4008
Fluo Pink
Pantone 806c
Fluo Orange
RAL 2005
Fluo Green
Pantone 802C

Volumes colors


Fluo Green
Fluo Pink