Niccolo Ceria

If he was a boulder, he would be a highball, covered in moss and lost in a labyrinth of pines in the forests of Val d’Aoste, Italy. Niccolo Ceria has the soul of a seeker of lines, who has patience, who cannot be derailed. From Valdengo, his native village, Niccolo explored bouldering areas in an ever-increasing radius. The Italian climber first touched rock on holiday, on the other side of the French border. He was 9. Back home, he began climbing indoors. A few years later, good results gave him the push he needed to steer away from competitions to challenge the outdoors, as his only goal. In 2011, at 18 he retired from competitions for good. The same year he climber the Swiss test piece ‘Never ending story’, 8B+. His stroke of genius got him to the top of other boulders of international renown. He is just one of those people who always seem to have a goal, with a gentle determination.


Flathold Athlete Niky Ceria – Bouldering in Yorkshire 2019

A few weeks ago, our Flathold Athlete, Nicco Ceria, left his beloved Italy and made his way to the UK. Here is a little look back on his trip…. « Yorkshire is a region in the UK that I wanted to visit since a very long time. Finally last march I had the opportunity to go climbing in this amazing Gritstone destination located two hours up North of Manchester. The main reason which drove me to this place was the mythical arête of “Cypher”, put up by Ben Moon in 2002. When I had 10 I had a little postcard of Andy Earl doing the famous kick move on Cypher right next to my bed and I have been dreaming for many years to climb this problem. Five Ten actually made a video of this ascent:… After sending Cypher which was my first priority, I had few other problems I was keen for. “High Fidelity” above all, was the one which made me more excited: tall, technical, dark and with some incredible moves to do. High Fidelity was put up by local developer Steve Dunning in the first years of 2000’s! Another line which I desired to climb was the moderate of “Pixie Tits”. Located in a fairytales setting, Pixie Tits has an incredible texture and an even better looking. The ascent of “Tender Homecoming” was also very important: a proud, tall and intimidating 9 meters arête which stands out in the famous field of the Brimham rock towers. Such a good one. Overall my trip in the Yorkshire was a blast. I think it could not have gone any better than this. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to check some lines I dreamt about more than a decade and eventually manage to climb them. UK is one of my favorite places in the world for many factors, especially for the climbing community. And I am already looking forward to come back next year. »


Flathold Trip to Redrocks – The Movie

It’s been 3 months now that our athletes are back from their Redrocks bouldering trip (Feb. 17). There’s been ups and downs. Theres been a lot of climbing and some very sweet boulders climbed. Get yourself comfy, sit back and relax, this is the Redrocks Team trip movie with Nils Favre and Niccolo Ceria. Location: Red Rocks, Colorado, US

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