Rescue Set

What is the Rescue Set?

The Rescue Set is a tool designed to help route setters make easy and precise adjustments to their boulders. The combination of dual texture with tiny holds facilitates setting of creative footwork and demanding body positioning.


The Rescue Set concept was brought up by international route setters Pierre Broyer and Manuel Hassler. Over the years and across competitions, they progressively shaped new micro holds to fit their needs — these shapes are now available to setters worldwide through this limited edition.

colors options
holds per set
limited edition copies

Each colored bag comes with a specific color of holds. These colors are fixed and cannot be changed.

The bags are sewn with durable fabric and double layering, perfect for long-lasting use. The additional inner pocket may fit screws, bits, and a variety of other tools. 65 new micro holds were shaped exclusively for this project.

Sewing by Pitlacir — Graphic Design by Gina Donzé — Serigraphy by Yoma Design

The Rescue Set exists in four colors, at the price of 495 €
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