New shapes reviving the existing range

We’re excited to unveil our latest Lucha Libre collection, a fresh twist to our classic line. These novel holds feature generous sensual shapes, inviting climbers to explore their smooth and curvaceous surfaces.

The Spirit of Lucha Libre

The new Lucha Libre collection brings further dual-textured voluptuous shapes to the range. Whether you grab onto the rounded slopy-jugs or navigate the subtle textures of comfy flat-crimps, every hold promises an engaging climb.

A Shaper’s Dream

Manuel Hassler – the creative mind behind the Lucha Libre – shaped these holds to offer a style not common in today’s climbing gyms. He wished for climbers to experience positive slopy unidirectional holds, paired to seamless transition between slick and grip. The many subtilities of the shapes make them tricky to hold onto, creating a fresh and fun challenge for all climbers.

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