Owner, Setter, Shaper

Mathieu Achermann

Mathieu is the go-getter who joined the Flathold project on the fly. He was a student at the Berne Art school when he met Manu in 2008, he had begun climbing just a few years before. Alongside his growing passion for climbing he worked with plaster and silicone for his art projects. Before imagining shaping holds, he thought to develop a procedure to mold natural objects, such as rocks and trees. He initially met Manu to learn. Gradually, friendship would strengthen the project for both. They began fulfilling an increasing number of orders through handmade production, but taking the brand to an industrial production was a slower process intermittent. In 2012 the step is taken, Mathieu quit his job to invest himself fully in the Flathold project and route setting. This is also the spirit he puts into his work; he has a kind of liveliness and discipline which shows in his skill at designing holds as complete sets. He has a pro-active personality, an almost frantic energy. Always to keep trying, pushing the exploration of ideas to their limits.

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