Chris Danielson

Chris Danielson lives in the UnitedStates. He has worked as a route setter on over 50 national and international level competitions andmet Manu at a World Cup in Vail a few years ago. Their meeting led to a future collaboration: Chris would become the Flathold distributor for the US starting in 2014. They share a vision, evolving route setting quality, connecting ideas and climbing philosophies from the US and Europe to make the best of their differences, and to find collaboration between Switzerland and the US.. At 38, Chris is an active setter for competitions, working with the US federation and internationally, and also contributes his climbing experience as a professional consultant for business development and design on climbing gyms through his business Thread Climbing. He has an honest and enterprising take on things, and contemplates his projects with a comprehensive and thoughtful approach. For Chris a hold is first a design to analyze and find utility in.In combination with the wall and other holds, it turns into something more, opening setters’ options and giving the climbers a chance to express their own style as well. What he likes in route setting is visualizing and imagining lines. To search and to find solutions, then to watch competitors walk the same path.

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