Tonde Katiyo

Tonde Katiyo is an international route setter. His path winds across several continents; from Paris where he was born to Zimbabwe where he grew up and later Montreal where he studied. In many ways he is a globetrotting route setter. Tonde travels for competitions, but also as a setting consultant for climbing gyms. He first climbed when he was 12 in Zimbabwe, where his father’s family is from. At 15, he moved to France before flying off to Canada. As a former art student he shares Manu and Mathieu’s vision: reveal the aesthetics in holds and movement. During a training session for the French bouldering team in 2008 he meets Manu. Tonde is detail and care. His serene personality is a good match with his need to travel and share with others. “Move to see things from a different angle”. As a setter, Tonde shares Manu’s penchant for dynamic movement. He also has a taste for volumes and how they add dimension to the wall. As a competition setter, Tonde prefers working in the shadows. He likes what he calls the silent partnership between the route setter and the climber. The mark of fairness in the rule maker: the route setter.


Tonde Katiyo – Flathold meeting Inspiration

Tonde Katiyo – International Routesetter and member of the Flathold Team. Discover in this video how Flathold meets Inspiration. Routesetting at it’s finest.

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