Fred Charron

Canadian Fred Charron didn’t seem destined to become a route setter at first but when he started screwing holds on climbing walls in 2007 it quickly became evident that he had a knack for it. Born in 1986, he first worked in a climbing gym in Montreal to pay for his music studies. Subsequently, his passion outgrew his simple job. He got more involved in the climbing scene in Canada first as a route setter, then as a coach. He admits, with a smirk, to have skipped an exam to organize a climbing competition at that time. Later, he left school to launch Bloc Shop, his own bouldering gym in Montreal, with his girlfriend, his brother and a friend. Two years later they launched Bloc Shop’s second location, also in Montreal, always in the spirit of democratizing climbing and with a particular care given to route setting. The idea behind Bloc Shop was always to welcome the beginners as much as the expert climbers; always giving an extra thought to create bouldering problems for everyone. His enthusiasm and passion for route setting shape his everyday life. If he sets for a competition, the lines ripen in his imagination with an omnipresent idea: the harmony of movements.

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