Flathold climbing brush




We bring Swiss Design Quality to your chalk bag

The handle is made out of polyurethan that has been tested to be shock proofed, reliable and solid. The natural hair of the climbing brush allows a long term utility. Simple and effective. Keep in mind – less is more.

for any holder

We designed a brush with a head that has a 10° angle shift. This makes the brush easier to hold and guarantees its very convenient use. There is no risk of being bothered by the brush’s stiffness while brushing the holds. The brush’s handle is fitting any brush holder loop on any chalk bag. The medium brush is 20cm long (7,9″) and the small one is about 18cm (7″).


Recycled cardboard
for environmental friendliness

and Outside

The Flathold Climbing Brush is made to be used outside and inside. Get rid of tick marks, chalk and brush away the shoe rubber marks. Our brush does is ideal to clean artificial and natural holds as well as volumes. The natural hair of the brush avoids damaging the rock. By using a brush with natural hair you you help fighting the erosion back

A brush
for every line

The smaller brush ( size S ) has shorter hair, making these denser and more rigid. We recommend the use of the small brush for any type of precise brushing. The medium brush is made out of slightly longer hair allowing a more supple brushing of the holds. It’s ideal outside to get rid of unwanted chalk and dust on bigger surfaces.

Men’s Boxer shorts


2 Pack Black and Blue


Price 25€ – 2 Pack Black and Blue – Sizes S-XL