Holds with a thousand masks

Lucha Libre

After collaborating with Laurent Laporte on his 2018 hold set for Cheeta that had a unique elephant skin texture, Manu wanted to continue to push and explore new expressions of dual texture in climbing holds.

A unique feeling

Lucha Libre puts you in the ring with mirror smooth surfaces on the ends of giant curvy pinches and a range of seemingly simple grips whose texture will keep you on the ropes.  

Tondé's impression

“I got to set with the Lucha Libre holds in early 2020. Like a many of Flatholds the usable part of the holds is everywhere, but it was a really fun new feeling to be challenged by the textures and the blurred line between the slick and the grip. Manu has found a cool new dimension to the tactile experience of climbing on plastic. And it is beautiful.”

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