Rescue Set

Rescue Set What is the Rescue Set? The Rescue Set is a tool designed to help route setters make easy and precise adjustments to their boulders. The combination of dual texture with tiny holds facilitates setting of creative footwork and demanding body positioning. Origins The Rescue Set concept was brought up by international route setters […]


The concept behind non-textured holds came from a collaboration with international route setter Pierre Broyer. His drive to explore dynamics paddle movements had him question whether the proper tools existed to further push his vision. To create these tools, he teamed up with us, with the ambition to set a crazy five-move paddle dyno at […]

Borderline Mini

The thermoforming technology Just as we respect the rock, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of our holds. This new range is produced with 100% recycled materials via a new thermoforming technology. Not only are these volumes more eco-friendly, but they are also lighter and easier to manipulate for a less strenuous setting experience, […]

Jolly Jumper

A happy medium between hold and volume Offering uncertain grips for the hands and sketchy foot positions, Jolly Jumper’s comfortable irregularities bring us one step closer to the feeling of climbing on rock.

Lucha Libre

A unique feeling Lucha Libre puts you in the ring with mirror smooth surfaces on the ends of giant curvy pinches and a range of seemingly simple grips whose texture will keep you on the ropes.   Tondé’s impression “I got to set with the Lucha Libre holds in early 2020. Like a many of […]

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