Lucha Libre

A unique feeling Lucha Libre puts you in the ring with mirror smooth surfaces on the ends of giant curvy pinches and a range of seemingly simple grips whose texture will keep you on the ropes.   Tondé’s impression “I got to set with the Lucha Libre holds in early 2020. Like a many of […]

Damage Control

Dual textured Although this line has become a popular classic since it’s release in 2016, Mathieu still had things to say in this language. In the original set, a lot of work was put on making quality dual-tex and only really represented two fundamental shapes : ledges and balls. Some new holds expands the line […]

Creature of Comfort

Design Giant slopers like mysterious ancient bones, irregular ribbing, pinches with smooth twisting surfaces, jugs with deliberately accidental curves that in spite of an inviting appearance don’t always offer of grab.

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