The concept behind non-textured holds came from a collaboration with international route setter Pierre Broyer. His drive to explore dynamics paddle movements had him question whether the proper tools existed to further push his vision. To create these tools, he teamed up with us, with the ambition to set a crazy five-move paddle dyno at the 2023 Bern World Championship.

At Flathold, we decided to explore a new way of creation, developing specific shapes for a unique concept. The result of this is now available as a limited-edition of transparent non-textured holds, made up of 6 unique shapes. We created these holds using thermoforming technology, turning existing dual-textured shapes completely slick. The transparent PET fabric offers new sensation as well as unique aesthetics.


Follow the backstory of these transparent textureless holds in our latest short film. Discover how they were created, the route setting prior to the 2023 World Championships, and Mickael Mawem fighting for gold on the final boulder.





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