Curves and lines

Golden Leaves

There is a good story behind the softer curves of the Golden Leaves. A few years ago Maya —Manu’s partner — tried her hand at shaping. She carved out four rough half eggs but didn’t finish them; they sat on a shelf in the workshop for at least two years, collecting dust and absorbing the passage of visitors and history of the workshop. When Manu finally decided to complete them, Golden Leaves had in their lines and curves the duality of two shapers.


The Borderlines have less back story, that's how creativity works sometimes. Mathieu wanted to make some simple ledges quickly. He decided to roughly shape 6 hoping that at least 4 would turn out. As it happened, all six shapes hit the goal: simple and fundamentally functional.

Beyond the simplicity of the shapes, what makes these new shapes interesting to climb on is their volume: how much they push out of the wall or force you to reach around them. Squeeze? Pinch? Wrap? Hug? The concaves and convexes of Golden Leaves will challenge grip and position with gentle intensity Hop? Catch? Smear? Hook? Borderlines have you covered.

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