Niccolo Ceria


© Stefan Kuerzi

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If he was a boulder, he would be a highball, covered in moss and lost in a labyrinth of pines in the forests of Val d’Aoste, Italy. Niccolo Ceria has the soul of a seeker of lines, who has patience, who cannot be derailed.
From Valdengo, his native village, Niccolo explored bouldering areas in an ever-increasing radius. The Italian climber first touched rock on holiday, on the other side of the French border. He was 9. Back home, he began climbing indoors. A few years later, good results gave him the push he needed to steer away from competitions to challenge the outdoors, as his only goal. In 2011, at 18 he retired from competitions for good. The same year he climber the Swiss test piece ‘Never ending story’, 8B+. His stroke of genius got him to the top of other boulders of international renown. He is just one of those people who always seem to have a goal, with a gentle determination.