Nils Favre

The story of Nils Favre winds between France and Switzerland. He stands out because he chooses to explore his limits in a specific environment: the outdoors. Now 27, he has been exploring the rock in the Valais since his teens when his family moved to Martigny. He tried competition climbing but was always pulled back towards outdoor climbing, and later bouldering. He met Mathieu and Manu during one of his winter sessions in Ticino. It occurred to them to make the young climber part of the Flathold team not for competition results but his hunger for discovery, first ascents, and performance outdoors. As an example, Nils made the second ascent of “Scarred for Life”, an 8b+ put up by Dave Graham in 2007. Simultaneously, Nils Favre is always exploring, but also keeping one foot to the ground, as the saying goes, by maintaining a stable job. Nevertheless, he seizes every opportunity to conquer the worlds’ bouldering areas with his climbing shoes to challenge existing lines, and with his brush to deliver new ones from the moss.


Nils Favre – Rocklands, South Africa

The Flathold Athlete Nils Favre spent the whole month of July 2018 in Rocklands, South Africa, to climb in one of the most famous bouldering place of the globe. The goal of his trip was to try « Livin Large, V16/8C+ », but conditions were really bad with rain and high temperatures kicking in every day. He kept trying a lot, waking up at 6:00 to try before the sun would come into the holds, around 9:00. He saddly didn’t succeed to climb this famous line on this trip but he his motivated to get back on it during the next season. While on his rest days and to stay in shape Nils climbed some of the best classics boulders of the area. All boulders in this video are iconic and worth the travel to the other side of the planet.


Joe’s Valley Flathold Movie

The Flathold Athlete Nils Favre spend the whole month of February 2018 in Joe’s Valley, Utah for a bouldering trip. No special goal for this trip except having fun and enjoying climbing. Pretty difficult conditions with a weather changing from suny day to really freezing temperatures. However despite the complicated weather conditions and sometimes the snow, Nils managed to climb some of the best classics in Joe’s Valley. Here a small selection of the hardest and nicest lines. Enjoy!


Flathold Trip to Redrocks – The Movie

It’s been 3 months now that our athletes are back from their Redrocks bouldering trip (Feb. 17). There’s been ups and downs. Theres been a lot of climbing and some very sweet boulders climbed. Get yourself comfy, sit back and relax, this is the Redrocks Team trip movie with Nils Favre and Niccolo Ceria. Location: Red Rocks, Colorado, US


Flathold Team Trip Switzerland

The Athlete Team of Flathold was on a trip in Switzerland. Brione, prime climbing destination in Ticino. Jan Hojer, Niccolo Ceria and Nils Favre ticked down some cool problems and were super lucky with the weather. Between the beautiful mountains and the swiss rivers the dark granite boulders offered them plenty of possibilities to have new projects. Sit back and relax, sip some tea while enjoying classic views from Switzerland and get psyched for some swiss climbing!

Manuel Hassler (Flathold founder), Niccolo Ceria, Jan Hojer, Nils Favre


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