Nils Favre

Nils-Favre_Flathold2© Loïc Debry

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The story of Nils Favre winds between France and Switzerland. He stands out because he chooses to explore his limits in a specific environment: the outdoors. Now 23, he has been exploring the rock in the Valais since his teens when his family moved to Martigny. He tried competition climbing but was always pulled back towards outdoor climbing, and later bouldering. He met Mathieu and Manu during one of his winter sessions in Ticino. It occurred to them to make the young climber part of the Flathold team not for competition results but his hunger for discovery, first ascents, and performance outdoors. As an example, Nils made the second ascent of “Scarred for Life”, an 8b+ put up by Dave Graham in 2007. Simultaneously, Nils Favre is always exploring, but also keeping one foot to the ground, as the saying goes, by maintaining a stable job. Nevertheless, he seizes every opportunity to conquer the worlds’ bouldering areas with his climbing shoes to challenge existing lines, and with his brush to deliver new ones from the moss.